GWI is currently undergoin its search for MS. GWI WORLD 2009

GWI is currently undergoin its search for MS. GWI WORLD 2009 with the following qualifications:

  • Single ladies
  • 18-27 years old
  • minimum of 5'3 in height
  • with pleasing personality and of good moral character

Intereated candidates are requested to submit the following requirements dueing the go-see.

  • Original birth certificate or copies authenticated by NSO
  • Valid id
  • close-up and Full body photos in color / setcards / profolio

Go-See Schedule:

September 12, 2009 and Final Casting on October 3, 2009

@ GWI Office 17th Floor, RCBC Plaza, Makati City

TIME: 3:00 pm - 7:00pm

ATTIRE: tank top/sleeveless top, skirt and heels (light make up only)

Schedule for activities:

Semi-Finals: November 16, 2009 at Aquanox

Grand Coronation Night: GWI Solutions, Inc. Annual Dinner

December 28, 2009 at A.venue Hall Makati City

Winners will receive the following prizes:

Ms. GWI World 2009 - P 200,000.00

Ms. GWI 1st Princess - P 100,000.00

Ms. GWI 2ndPrincess - P 75,000.00

Ms. GWI Charity - P 10,000.00

Ms. GWI Peace - P 10,000.00

Special Awards:

Best in Swimsuit - P 5,000.00

Best in Evening Gown - p 5,000.00

Best in Costume - P 5,000.00

Ms. Photogenic - P 5,000.00

Ms. Congenality - p 5,000.00

Contact Me:

Kath Buenviaje, ACG-Unit 5

GWI Business Solutions Inc.
17th Floor, Yuchengco Tower, RCBC Plaza
6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 0727
Office no: (00632) 856-2672 loc 912



MILAN, ITALY – Team Philippines bested first opponent Luxembourg 6-1 at the 7th Homeless World Cup, an annual tournament which this year was held at the historic Arena Civica in Milan, Italy.

The Homeless World Cup seeks to promote awareness of homelessness and poverty around the world through football (street soccer). This year, around 500 players from 48 countries participated in the games.

“I’m excited, I’m very excited,” Team Philippines Coach Marlon Maro said before the opening game, as the contingent was parading through the historic Castello Sforezco in Parco Sempione.

“We’re much more prepared now than we were last year,” Maro explained in a separate interview. “We’re familiar with the rules now. We were able to simulate the actual playing environment, we had a lot of practice games from different groups back home, and we have a better composition of the team this year.”

Team Philippines was formed in May 2009 following an elimination tournament involving teams from eight homeless shelters around the country. Training began in earnest and intensified by July.

The game with Luxembourg, held around 4:15 pm, September 6 (Milan time) proved to be an exciting match. The opposing team’s players were much larger and bulkier than the boys from the Philippines, but that didn’t stop the country’s proud players from putting on a heart-pumping game and eventually winning the match.

One country, one goal

“Our goal here is to make more people aware of homelessness, which is a big problem in our country,” Maro said. “The Homeless World Cup has changed these players’ lives, but we will be encountering the same problems when we go back home. We hope that things will change.”

Witnessing the game were members of the Filipino community, many from the sorority Alpha Phi Omega, who decided to spend their Sunday afternoon cheering kababayans on. Also present to lend his percussive prowess to the game was percussionist and performance artist Paul Zialcita, whose powerful drumming became the soundtrack of the Philippine team through the game and the festivities before that.

“Homeless doesn’t mean hopeless,” Zialcita said after performing for the players on opening night. “We’re here to prove that people can do wonders once you give them access. We’re here to give poverty a penalty kick.”

Maro speaks of the improvement in his players’ behaviors and attitude after being selected for the Homeless World Cup. “They become more confident, more motivated. They are able to express themselves better and even start to mentor other players. The players’ participation in Homeless World Cup is really a life-changing event.”

After winning their first game, Team Philippines will move on to compete with Italy (12:40 PM, September 7 Milan time; 6:40 PM Manila time) and Mexico (3:20 PM, September 7 Milan time; 9:20 PM Manila time).

Team Manager Bill Shaw, editor of Jeepney Magazine, expressed hopes of placing among the Top 24 this year. Last year, Team Philippines placed 37 out of 48 teams.

This year’s participating nations are: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malawi, Mexico, Namibia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA, and Wales.

For more information on the Homeless World Cup, visit For more information on Jeepney Magazine, visit

My 20 First Dates' REMEMBER SEPTEMBER Speedating Event

My 20 First Dates' REMEMBER SEPTEMBER Speedating Event

Host: Candie Cobiao
Type: Meetings - Club/Group Meeting
Price: P800 with dinner + 1 drink
Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Location: Saso's Steak, Ribs & Seafood
Street: P. Guevarra Street (near Cafe Isabel)
Phone: 09TWO28NINE00SIX15

Starfish Magazine: CALL FOR PROPOSALS

Starfish Magazine: CALL FOR PROPOSALS

Feel free to pass on to your egroups... :)


The long wait is over! STARFISH MAGAZINE is once again sending out our call for proposals for those interested to share their articles. Please see the following list of our sections so you could find a perfect space for your article ideas.

(1) COVER STORY: "Soul Sanctuary"
The November issue will have the theme, "Soul Sanctuary", in celebration of the arts. The theme is based on the quote:

"What art offers is space -- a certain breathing room for the spirit" (John Updike)

We are looking for stories on how art in its many forms shapes the consciousness of the Filipino youth. We are looking for youth leaders who have served their communities through arts and culture. These can be reflections of the youth leaders themselves, stories about advocacy groups that use the arts to achieve their goals, or features of individuals who have promoted the arts and set an example for the Filipino youth. We can also accept photo-essays on the theme.

(2) NEWS
Any activity that contributes to youth leadership and nation-building, we're on. We publish stories based on the significance of the news to our readers, and the impact of the activity to inspire our readers.

Feature stories fall under this section (including those that may not necessarily fall under the theme). Sky's the limit.

The 2010 elections are coming near, and there are so many political issues that the youth must have a say on. If you have thoughts you could translate to powerful insights, go write one!

Part of our commitment is to help our readers find organizations where they could volunteer/be part of, and advocacies that they could adopt personally. This is the section for articles on organizations and advocacies.

Some say this is the "most fun" section of Starfish, but we'd rather say it is the lightest. :p Already in the list are our resident "How to" column, and book review. Do you have anything else in mind? Let us know!

The proposal should be a 2-5 sentence summary of the article you want to write. Let us know what the main insight is, or what the activity/organization is doing, and what angle you would take in writing the article. It should not be formal. We just need an idea of what you are preparing for us so we could organize the contributions as early as possible. :)

Deadline for the proposals is on August 24, Monday. Please forward to

The rest of the article specifications and deadlines would be emailed to you once you submit your article proposal. :)

We hope to get your emails soon! Have a blessed day ahead!!!

The Starfish Team


Faculty, Dept. of Sociology & Anthropology, Ateneo de Manila University
Consultant, Youth Leadership Development Unit, Ayala Foundation Inc.
Editor-in-Chief, Starfish Magazine, Ayala Young Leaders


WAKE UP!!!! Philippines! tsk tsk tsk.

WAKE UP!!!! Philippines! tsk tsk tsk
by Cez Jarlyn Young

Honestly, I have been frustrated with the garbage around the Metro.. can Manila be like Makati?

Have you ever felt ashamed littering anything in Makati? haha. well.. i don't litter.. i see to it that i throw my trash in the bin.. and i really get irritated when ppl throw their bottles on the side walk.. and the reason they give me.. "Kung hindi ako magtapon diyan, wala ng trabaho ang street sweeper"..

I just wanna knock their heads with a rusty hammer.. sheesh!

I hope Filipinos can start to realize that the environment is not a big trash can.


Location of pics: Manila Bay

Some early comments:
*so frustrating..
the other day.. there were some kids playing near the pasig river (not sure).. then there was a pile of trash.. they were throwing the cartons to the river.. i wanna yell and tell them to stop.. but of course.. i can't.. i might get killed on the spot for scolding those kids.
*i know how u feel, den wen u visit other countries, even our neighboring asian countries, most of them have improved a lot in terms of maintaining cleanliness and being a responsible citizen, i guess dats da dwnside of being pinoy somtmes, i knowhow ilog pasig looks like, i was part of the DLSU rowing team for a while(not the dragon boat but the sculls),and we practice every am at the ilog pasig,u can tell how thick and dirty the water is, and wen u row, u;ll be surprise on things that u will find in the water, idk how i survived that sport:)...maybe we will change..i hope sooner

Cat Adoption Booth in Mall of Asia - Aug 1, 3-7pm.

Cat Adoption Booth in Mall of Asia near Science Discovery Center, 3rd Floor South Entertainment Mall (Krispy Kreme), August 1, 3-7PM. PLease spread the word. Come too if you can!

Tapping the Creative Universe workshop with Jim Paredes

Take a class with Jim Paredes to help you unleash your creative self! From Jim Paredes below: “Tapping the Creative Universe Workshop” is on. Join me on August 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 at 7 to 9 p.m. and discover the joy and aliveness of the creative life. I will awaken in you the life force that will make you creative and joyful. Please call 426-5375 or 0916- 8554304 and ask for Ollie, or write me at for questions or reservations. You can also visit for the syllabus, FAQ and testimonials from people who have taken it. Do not miss out. Definitely the last one this year.


By Jim Paredes*

“A potent and dangerous workshop to awaken you.”

If you find yourself stuck-- in between careers, dreams, loves, or can’t even seem to identify the source of the gridlock in your life, read on:

Here is a workshop that will help uncover, identify and set aside the blocks that stand in the way of creativity in everyday life. By actively engaging self-defeating attitudes and instilling practices that will help the participant overcome them, the workshop hopes to awaken a new way of seeing that will bring back the inner joy and natural creative impulse each person possesses.

Through 6 two hour sessions spread out in 2 weeks, the workshop will partly employ the techniques every successful, working creative employs plus Jim Paredes’ practices as a successful, multi-faceted artist these past 36 years. These have proven to be effective in dealing with blocked individuals, most especially those who find themselves in
a creative rut.

The sessions will extensively deal with issues of creativity in everyday life through personally assigned tasks and interactive exercises that will get to the core of the creative blockage and the introduction of new disciplines and practices for everyday use to overcome them and remain unblocked.

The Syllabus

Days 1, 2, 3

Causes of blocks-
Affirmations vs. negative beliefs
-Introduction of “morning pages”, “solo dates”
-Map to Recovery
-Handling criticism
-Personal archaeology
-Exercises in “forbidden joys”
-Instituting changes in life
-Imposed deprivations

Days 4, 5, 6

-Getting out of the need to look good
-Relating with the Creator
-Abundance and gratitude
-Listening and guidance
-Knowing your blocks
-Fear and creative failure
-Confronting your blocks
-Building your artist’s altar
- The 48 hour journey

Or go to Jim Paredes' site for more info.